Phil Kreveld

My work is figurative and much has been based on travels through Spain including journeys to the North Atlantic coastal region, principally Asturias where I worked on etchings, drawings and paintings. More recently the human condition has been important in my work, and this is reflected in the “Off the Track” paintings, “The Lovers” etchings, drawings and paintings, and most recently in an autobiographical series “You shall tell your Child”.

Solo exhibitions include ‘Better late than never’ (Cato Gallery, November 1998), ‘Life Class’ (Axiom Gallery, February 2001), ‘Peeling the Spanish Onion’ Ibertours in July 2002) and Fishy Bizniz (Artholes, June 2005), Off the track (Artholes, July, 2006) and Asturias y Australia (BBVA exhibition space, Oviedo, Spain, June 2007), ‘And you shall tell your Child’ (The Fire Station, July 2013), ‘The Voyage’, (Glen Eira Council Gallery, July 2017) and ‘A landscape of memories’ (Glen Eira Council Gallery, September 2019).